12 weeks to train or 1 week gone – tricky to choose…

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After making the title of my first blog 2916 rather than 2016 and reading my co winners blogs I have realized that I am still the girl who hands her homework in late and does everything at the last minute. However – rather than feeling downhearted by this I feel delighted that beneath all of the 42 year old me (Mummy, coworker, wife etc) I Juliette still exist as the same person I have always been. This was highlighted yesterday when I hit the outdoor pool at my local gym for a lunch hour blast of 400 meters just to check I still had it in me. Had I remembered my goggles – no, had I read the training sheet properly -no, do i feel better today than I have in years – yes yes yes. So I will not claim to be an A student but this girl is most definitely going to give it all she can.

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