An undiscovered talent

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6:30am normally finds me in a bleary eyed state of semi-consciousness, fueled by strong coffee as I get ready to try and spoon porridge into a wide awake baby.  So, with this in mind choosing to set the alarm for 6am before the sound asleep baby woke up seemed to defy logic. But this week, driven by a lack of other training times I found myself doing just this. I primed my husband on the food/baby routine that happens while he’s asleep and headed off.

Morning swimming has a different feel about it. You sort of feel as if you’re in a secret society, there’s a sense of camaraderie, maybe even a hint of smugness that you’re all ploughing up and down, whilst others are still in bed. You talk to strangers. You feel part of something.

I’d forgotten that swimming could do this. As an adult my love of swimming came from such mornings, there was something cathartic about seeing the same faces day in, day out. Seeing yourself improve within the group and progressing to the fast lane. Evening swimming seems more insular, as if people are there just to get the job done. Almost like commuters still functioning in commuter mode.

This week I’ve been trying to focus on technique and begin to iron out all the bad habits I’ve accumulated over the years, starting with trying to get my head around bilateral breathing (excuse the pun). At the moment it’s challenging and I’m swallowing far too much chlorinated water, and I dread to think what else!

I’ve also been in two minds about which training schedule to follow. The logical part of me says stick with the beginners schedule, but over the past week I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to the intermediate link….. It’s funny how despite being ridiculously unfit being part of the Henley Mile and the This Girl Can campaign has ignited a misplaced competitive spirit in me. Ok! This is where my imagination totally runs away with itself and I somehow become an open water swimmer extraordinaire and compete for my country in 2017! You may think I’m kidding, but believe me there is a very very small part of me that wonders if at 40 I might be an undiscovered talent! That’s the problem with swimming, you have far too much time to think!

Oh and as for the husband, I have to admit there was a part of me hoping for chaos when I returned home from my early swim, therefore reinforcing my worth as a mummy…. but he breezed it and even had a coffee waiting for me!

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