back to the studio

And back to the studio…

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Our fab This Girl Can Swim team are making the news! Not only are Jacquie & Megan regular newspaper celebrities, but I made it on to BBC Radio Surrey breakfast show this morning.  Yep, I was actually in ‘the studio’, big green mic in front of me, desperate to not say something ridiculously stupid.  It was really fun and breakfast show hosts, James and Suzanne, were lovely, even if they did play ‘Jaws’ theme and mention river snakes when talking about swimming in murky rivers – hmmm, thanks guys!  What a fantastic and completely unexpected experience.


back to the studio


So our adventure is taking shape, we are all training, and people are getting to hear about This Girl Can Swim, which is hugely inspiring.  It’s difficult to imagine that my/our story will engage someone’s imagination and inspire them to give open water swimming a go, but you never know?


We all know how hard it is to get going sometimes, and it seems the times when we could most do with an exercise boost, is at the times when we’re most tired and least inclined to try and find time and energy to do it.  We get into a routine, and if it excludes looking after ourselves, we don’t notice – until we feel the detrimental effects of our neglect.  My teammates and I all have that shared goal, to prioritise ourselves and our fitness, and feel better for it.  Even though we’re at the start of our journey, I feel inspired to get up and out and in the pool, and I’m feeling the benefits already.  Yes I’m extremely achy (all those muscles being used that have lain dormant for so long), bruised (I’m sure someone keeps moving the lane rope so I keep crashing into it), and I’m really hungry (I mean hungry enough to eat 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners and still be hungry!), but I also feel more energised and I’m only a week into training.  I’m hoping the other benefits to be attained soon will be better sleep (no Jaws nightmares James & Suzanne!) and a noticeable difference in my fitness.


I’m so glad to be part of this amazing team, and you can be too, because all our team represents is inspiration and support to keep going – if that’s what you’re missing then consider yourselves part of our team!  We will endeavour to inspire you through our adventure, so you can have your own adventure too.  And so it’s back to the pool… training continues tomorrow.

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