And two steps back…

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After the high of my first lake swim, the last ten days have been a bit “meh”.  It took a lot longer to recover from that swim than I expected. My regular session with the swimming club 48 hours later was pretty horrible, as I was too tired to be able to keep up with the drills.  I had a couple of days off, during which I tried on a some more makes of wetsuit, and then took a borrowed suit down to the lido on Saturday to test it out.  Swimming in a wetsuit in a pool heated to 22 degrees is a most unpleasant experience.  I lasted 400m, before getting out and stripping off! The rest of the swim went a little better though.  Sunday was a cross training day as I had a gentle 7 mile cycle ride, and on Monday it was back to the lido. I forgot to take my floats and fins, so the planned session of drills turned into a distance one instead.  So very disorganised and off programme, definitely a two steps backwards week.

I have now tried on womens’ wetsuits by Zone3, 2xu, Blueseventy, Orca and Huub and have come to the conclusion that I am not woman shaped, at least not shaped like the woman these suit designers had in mind. All were too big on the thighs, and too long in the body, and if I went a size smaller the legs fitted but breathing was an issue. And I don’t like the feeling of my arms being compressed, or a high neckline.  So now I am trying mens’ suits. Today I took delivery of a huge box containing four different outfits from Wiggle.  Surely one of these suits must fit!  Problem is, hubby is away and I need a help with the zipping up bit.  I wonder if the neighbours would just die laughing if I turned up on the doorstep halfway into a Batman suit asking for help with my zip?

I am off to an introductory seminar at Dorney Lake  on Saturday morning and the event 13230261_10153038867057706_7605363324195666454_nguide suggests you bring at least two towels (?), warm clothes, snacks, a notepad and a brightly coloured silicon hat, so tonight I went to buy a hat on the way to training. The lady in the sports shop tried to steer me away from the bright hats, explaining kindly that they were really only meant for fast swimmers. So bought the brightest one she had.  Childish, I know, but you should have seen the look on her face!

So I may not have my best swimming head on just at the moment, but I do have a really great hat.


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