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I am the mother of a 7 year old busy boy and 9 year old gorgeous girl, full time School Registrar, wife of 11 years and house-building-slightly-worn-out 42 year old. I thought it high time I challenged myself to fall back in love with swimming and give myself a fitness […]



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Geologist, Brown Owl and chicken keeper. Team sport has never really been my thing but swimming always felt fun rather than a chore. After a bout of insomnia last year when exercise became a distant memory, swimming was the first thing to get me back on track. At first it […]



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I’m a nurse, part-time student and new mummy – all of which conspire to give me multiple excuses for not exercising! With broken sleep and in a new mummy haze the majority of my recent contact with water has been sitting by the canal drinking coffee. Entering the Henley Mile […]



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Spending most working days in the office, I’ve been trying to keep fit with varying levels of success. There have been excuses – too much work, not enough time, feeling tired or unwell, until I realised I needed a purpose to keep me on the right track. I often used […]



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I am 60, a part time librarian, mother of two grown up sons and about to become a granny. I really do like my food, and am not a sporty type, being built for comfort rather than speed. Three years ago I decided to move on from swimming Old Lady […]

It’s today!

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This is the day we’ve been working towards. Am I ready? Yes, I think so. I’m excited and just a little scared as I get ready. My last swim before today did not quite go according to plan. Having got up at 5.30am to put in a swim before school I […]

What if?

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The Henley Mile swim is tomorrow. To say I am excited is an understatement. Let’s Do This! Remember my friend Verity? Last Sunday, she achieved her goal and swam the length of Lake Windermere not once, but twice in 10 hours and 46 minutes. I had the privilege of being one of […]