Sea swimming

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So after being out of action for 2 weeks with a virus I then a holiday for 2 weeks my training is not really going  to plan so I packed my hat and goggles with the view that I could train in the sea whilst I was away.   We we’re in Mallorca […]

Zen Swimming

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  I feel that I’m ok to say what I’m about to say, but only because there is more to say afterwards.  Here goes: I hate swimming in a swimming pool, I really really do!  There, it’s out there.  I dread it before I go, the changing rooms are ice […]


Pool Politics

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I did politics A level and I loved it. Its entirely possible that that was just because it gave me a legitimate excuse to disagree with a teacher but, nevertheless, it was my favourite subject. Recently with two general elections, the Brexit vote and fact that Donald Trump is still […]

First dip in the lake!

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Our swim date is getting closer and closer and having been unable to pause it, I thought I’d better get on and just get in a lake.  Quite frankly I’m running out of time to practice and I’ve got to do it some time, and husband agreed to come along […]



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Now I must admit, practice over half term was…ahem…none existent. However, pre and now post holidays, I’ve been accompanied by my two pool friends who (I naively think) will absolutely ensure I’ll be able to swim myself beyond Temple Island on July 9th! So in floatymcfloatface and bottoms up I […]


We can do that!

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The This Girl Can Girls 2017 have been getting to know one another via a closed group on Facebook. Having this has been helpful, as it’s been a place where we have all been able to write about our anxieties, concerns and more importantly progress! There is a bond that […]

Confidence is key!

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    Got back in the pool today after an absence due to shoulder injury and then prolonged lack of confidence.  I have been struggling with the idea of being able to do this swim and completely lost my confidence.  I knew that I should just, literally, take the plunge […]


Finally getting in the lake

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Happy birthday to my friend Lisa and especially as for her birthday she wanted me to go open water swimming with her. I couldn’t really refuse so this blog is about finally getting in the open water. But first, I’d like to talk about my wetsuit…   Swimming in a […]