This swimmer is rebooting

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I’d like to say practice has been going swimmingly (pun intended) but a bad back last week meant that I only ventured to the pool to take the girls for their swim. Having a week off though has bizarrely reset my batteries. I’d really struggled with energy during my last […]


Swim Squad

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So, last week, I found myself at a swim squad. I never ever thought that I of all people would be at a swim squad. I used to shudder just going to my local pool and seeing on the whiteboard the left over details of the previous swim sessions putting […]


Hats and goggles

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Well, I never thought my first ever blog on the internet would have a very unflattering photo of me not only in a swimsuit but with a swimming hat and goggles on too! Ok, I could have taken off the goggles but I felt that at least you can’t really […]


Soft play is training right?

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Last Thursday the weather was so glum that any outside activities would’ve resulted in two grumpy girls (and one grumpy mum), so in a hasty decision I set off to a nearby soft play with the expectation that the girls could run around with carefree abandonment and I could have […]

back to the studio

And back to the studio…

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Our fab This Girl Can Swim team are making the news! Not only are Jacquie & Megan regular newspaper celebrities, but I made it on to BBC Radio Surrey breakfast show this morning.  Yep, I was actually in ‘the studio’, big green mic in front of me, desperate to not […]


I love hats

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Now, I’ve not worn a swimming hat since my teenage days when I swam for a club, so I was super excited when I was sent this cheeky little green number (not brave enough for bright pink one at the moment) as it would absolutely mean I’d look ‘all professional […]