We did it

We did it!

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Whoop! These girls did it – so can you. Now stop worrying and go do something fun! All of us started off as complete newbies to open water swimming and over the past 12 weeks we’ve worked to achieve something we didn’t know was possible. GO GIRLS! Swim Day. This morning I […]

packing for henley

Packing for Henley

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So tomorrow is the big day!  Along with my new friends taking part in the “This Girl Can Swim” challenge, I will be swimming in the Henley Mile, supported by my new grand daughter and her parents. This will be the first sporting event I have taken part in since […]


Stage Fright

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I’m worrying. Before an event I’d expect to feel a nervous excitement, wondering how things would go, how fast it could be. However due to a combination of unfortunate events I’m feeling nervous but not really excited. In fact I am feeling a great deal of trepidation. The open water […]

The non blogging blogger

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Right then over four weeks since I last blogged – poor show even by my standards… The other members of the ‘Bimble’ are forging ahead with words of wisdom and whitty repartee and I am languishing in the shadows. Much has happened – I met the other ladies now known […]

Fingers crossed

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According to my swimming log I have now swum 89km since I signed up for the Henley Mile in April, and I have enjoyed almost every one of them. (Having discovered the hard way that wine is not the swimmers friend I have cut out the booze on pre-swim nights!) […]


The impossible swimsuit

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  It is time to talk bosoms. Faint hearted men and flat chested women should read no further. One of the reasons some young women don’t take to sport is the actual discomfort of leaping about, jumping up and down and jogging along with a frontage that is inclined to […]

2016-05-30 14.33.30

Camaraderie & coffee cake

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Tempting as it was to keep gazing at my wetsuit, getting into it couldn’t be a one off occurrence. I needed to get on with it and dip my toe into water of the non-chlorinated variety.  I’ve been compulsively joining open swim groups on social media these last 12 weeks, possibly trying to convince myself that in some way this made me more […]


Carbs and Cygnets

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As part of this adventure, we Girls who Can Swim were offered some free sports nutrition advice. I signed up for this right away. After a lifetime of dieting and then reverting to my default position of greediness , my relationship with food is an odd one. I love to […]