Carbs and Cygnets

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As part of this adventure, we Girls who Can Swim were offered some free sports nutrition advice. I signed up for this right away. After a lifetime of dieting and then reverting to my default position of greediness , my relationship with food is an odd one. I love to […]

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Fast, Flexible, Buoyant

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My diligent internet research of wetsuits wasn’t getting me anywhere, so in the end it took my mum to say “here’s somewhere close by, just ring them”. Biting the bullet I did and arranged to head there the following day. On the phone it sounded relatively straightforward, they took the […]

Buoyant and becalmed

Taking the plunge

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After the glorious weather we had earlier on this month I decided to brave my first open water swim. I’m fortunate to have a lovely designated venue close by ‘Race Hub’ with rescue craft and changing rooms. There were 76 people swimming that evening and when I said I had […]


And two steps back…

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After the high of my first lake swim, the last ten days have been a bit “meh”.  It took a lot longer to recover from that swim than I expected. My regular session with the swimming club 48 hours later was pretty horrible, as I was too tired to be […]

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Dipping a toe in

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Sometimes it’s those little questions that get in the way….like what an earth am I meant to be doing? Ok, I know the bigger picture, the general gist being to swim up and down at variety of different speeds, with a variety of paraphernalia, but aside from that. How do […]