Cyclones, Children and Colds… Oh My!

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I warn you now, this post is not for those with a sensitive disposition. If you’ve had babies you’ll probably be alright. Or if you are a teenage boy who find such things gross but funny.

So, the training was going well. It was going to Plan. THE Plan in fact. I was even debating whether to throw caution to the wind and do the full mile. Ha ha! I must have had a momentary slip into insanity there… Anyway a couple of things happened to bring me crashing back down from my dreamy spire of increasing swimming proficiency.

First was a cold. A nasty stinky mucus-filled nose type cold. You’d think that would help with the swimming by not letting water go up my nose but unfortunately it just left me feeling lousy and seriously lacking in energy. Queue first cancelled training session.

The second was a cyclone. Cyclone Ashobaa to be precise. It never did hit Muscat in the end but it did cause my son’s school to panic and decide to close for the day. Queue second cancelled training session.

Then I got sick. I mean sick-sick. I spent Saturday night getting re-aquainted with the big white telephone as my friend Louise at University used to affectionately call it. I even threw up in my daughters nappy bin at one point. Queue third cancelled training session and a very unhappy novice swimmer. I didn’t eat for two days. I felt awful. And I got my period (I  just lost the teenage boys there didn’t I?) which seems to result in a serious dip in my energy levels.

I still feel a bit dodgy now if I’m honest but with ‘The Fear’ starting to kick in with only 4 weeks to go (aaarrrggghhhh!) I thought I had better drag my sorry carcass back to the pool on Tuesday. I had a sloooooooow lesson with Emma my lovely swim instructor who was gentle and kind but still managed to point out that I have a lazy left arm, need to stop raising my head when I come up to breathe, I need to breathe out as soon as I re-enter the water and whatever I do, don’t stop kicking!!!! She’s right though – damn it.

Today however, was better. I have a little more energy. I did 16 lengths non-stop in my dodgy head-above-the-water-at-all-times front crawl and then decided to swap to do some technique work. Float only with legs kicking first. Then keeping the float in hand just up swimming up and down blowing some bubbles to help practice controlling and pacing my breathing. This was followed by some disastrous float assisted front crawl with side breathing – all of which seemed to go wrong. Water up my nose, in my mouth and I never got past half a length. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and went for it solo. Because you do, don’t you?!

No float – just me and the front crawl. I had a great set of six lengths in the end. I had to stop at the end of each one, but I did every single one properly! So I am actually slightly proud of myself this evening.

And now it is time for bed having been worn out by the sleep-thieves… Luke and Pippa.

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