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Dipping a toe in

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Sometimes it’s those little questions that get in the way….like what an earth am I meant to be doing? Ok, I know the bigger picture, the general gist being to swim up and down at variety of different speeds, with a variety of paraphernalia, but aside from that.

How do you memorise training schedules? I’ve tried a couple of different approaches; glancing at the schedule before I leave the house – this didn’t work as by the time I’d reached the pool I couldn’t remember anything beyond the warm up. Carrying a print out in my swim bag didn’t fare much better.

I was even contemplating the feasibility of sticking a laminated copy to my kickboard. I doubt of course I’d resort to such drastic measures (back to that conspicuous thing again), plus the fact I can’t imagine lifeguards would look too kindly on bits of laminate bobbing along. However, last week poolside I noticed a white board with drills written on it …..maybe that’s the solution. But I’m wondering is adding a whiteboard to my swim kit a step too far?

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The latest must have swim kit accessory


At the end of the day I guess it doesn’t really matter and interestingly the training sessions seem to be evolving on their own – this week it’s been all about the speed – pushing myself on those drills. There’s something quite satisfying about getting to the end of a length and genuinely needing that recovery time. I even got carried away and tried timing a length, but by the time I’d taken the goggles off to squint at the clock it all seemed a bit, well, inaccurate. With everything starting, albeit slowly to come together in the pool I’m realising it’s time to take that next step and head out in the great outdoors……

……So we went for a picnic by the Thames at Pangbourne. Admittedly that wasn’t going to do much for my swimming, but I did dip a toe in to confirm that yes, it was cold. Which got me thinking, do wetsuits have feet like babygrows? I’ve realised I really know nothing about wetsuits, or open water for that matter. It’s time to bite the bullet and accept that following Open Swim groups on social media doesn’t count as outdoor swim training.

Do they do wetsuits to accommodate mum tums, or for that matter, mum hips, bums and thighs? Not forgetting my, umm shall we say ample cleavage. In the meantime, I wonder if Spanx make wetsuits!



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    My My what a gorgeous header you have!I love the mosaic tiles, that wool cape is a beauty & I absolutely adore the wallpaper you have in the room.I lol'ed about the old granny. I doubt with a rude woman yesterday in a local thrift. I was looking through the dresses and she saw a dress I picked off the rack and was looking over. She just sat and stared at me (waiting for me to put down the dress) I didn't even want the thing but I waited to put it down *lol* When I did she saw me and swooped in & snatched it like a Hawk on crack!

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    that the material already exists but ends up on the cutting room floor (or whatever the digital equivalent is).”Which is where it should stay, along with a lot more that makes it to air, masquerading as news. The only time a station of this kind could be valuable is when major news breaks. A full swing to bushfires or an earthquake, for instance, would be a push forward from often long delays.

  • Dragon says:
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    Yo, that’s what’s up trhfutully.

  • Zoë says:

    Well done on the training… Write your program on your hand in biro then you won’t forget what you need to do. Works for me :)

    • Katie says:

      It sounds so logical when someone says it!!!!!! Hadn’t even crossed my mind! Thanks will try that tomorrow. And thankyou for the wetsuit reassurance, had visions of having to cover myself in goose fat!! A

    • Zoë says:

      And PS I have one of those wetsuits, they def do make them!

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