Finally getting in the lake

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Happy birthday to my friend Lisa and especially as for her birthday she wanted me to go open water swimming with her. I couldn’t really refuse so this blog is about finally getting in the open water. But first, I’d like to talk about my wetsuit…


Swimming in a surf wetsuit is not meant to be great, but I thought that if I could find my wetsuit, see if it still fitted and hadn’t been eaten by mice then I would give it a go as I just wanted to get myself in the water, I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to have to swim.


Digging out my wetsuit was like being reunited with my best friend. The smell of it was wonderful. It has so many memories this wetsuit. I sold my surfboard on becoming a mummy but I couldn’t part with my wetsuit. It gave me so much joy! I could never surf but my wetsuit got me out into the open seas in all kinds of weather and it was always wonderful.


me n lou surf

(one of my favorite ever pics of me and my bestie heading into the surf at Croyde)


Anyway, enough reminiscing…

So I went down early on Sunday morning with the family to suss it out, to try and take a bit of the panic out of it and it worked. It was such a beautiful morning and the energy emanating from all the buzz of fellow swimmers was contagious! The lake was a beautiful blue (from the chemical they put in to minimise the weed) and it was apparently 15 degrees! The kids went paddling and seemed to think it was ok.   They seemed mesmerised by all the swimmers and wetsuits and I just thought to myself, what a great thing for my kids to see whilst growing up, people doing activity that they love because it makes them feel amazing!



So, Monday night was here, I packed enough for a weekend away including my winter bobble hat and Lisa and I finally got in. She was amazingly brave in her swimsuit and I tentatively got in in my wetsuit. I’d been doing a bit of reading before hand so got in really slowly and then just did a bit of breastroke. Before I knew it I was actually having fun and decided just to go for it and that was it, I was doing front crawl around one of the courses! I used some of the techniques I had picked up at swim squad and it was amazing! I felt like a sleek seal swimming!


It was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to get back in again.



2 Comments to Finally getting in the lake

  • Vivienne says:

    I love the sleek seal analogy. Can’t wait for the big day x

  • Emma says:

    Wow, I have been reading various blogs of this challenge and I am in awe of your bravery,honesty, and the willingness to take on such a tough physical activity.

    I didn’t know you had post natal and were finding life as tough as you had mentioned but then I think I have been in a state of depression that everyone and anything did not enter my head that year. I feel like I was put on hold. Well done you for putting it “out there”, I am immensely proud to call you a dear friend.

    Good luck and keep posting and swimming!! Xxx

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