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Now I must admit, practice over half term was…ahem…none existent. However, pre and now post holidays, I’ve been accompanied by my two pool friends who (I naively think) will absolutely ensure I’ll be able to swim myself beyond Temple Island on July 9th! So in floatymcfloatface and bottoms up I thee trust!

It was wonderful to recently meet up with (most of) the other TGCS ladies who are swimming the Henley mile. Putting faces to the blogs and FB comments was great (lovely ladies!) and it was so wonderful to hear their stories, and that their questions were the same or near identical to yours!

LaneĀ politics has been a recent subject of discussion in our groups TGCS FB page and it’s very easy to see why it’s a topic that all of us can comment on. Entering this competition, I came from a relatively happy swimming background, albeit very rusty. However, over the last 7 weeks(ish), I’ve become privy to my local lane companions and at times felt a total outsider. Not wearing my hat, forgetting my goggles or not having a laminated printed sheet of swimming drills have meant I’ve been disregarded as someone not to chat with. It’s disheartening that people can be so quick to judge, especially when it turns out you can lap those paddle swimming, isodrinking people. So for me, what this experience has reinforced is that you should always always always be nice and encouraging to your fellow swimmers. The fact that they’re at the pool may be a huge deal to them and should be celebrated, not tutted.

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