I love hats

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Now, I’ve not worn a swimming hat since my teenage days when I swam for a club, so I was super excited when I was sent this cheeky little green number (not brave enough for bright pink one at the moment) as it would absolutely mean I’d look ‘all professional like’ in the pool. Unfortunately, pretty much into lap 2 it seemed my goggles were less than happy with the hat addition and seeped in water at a great rate. Therein followed a few more lengths of me trying to adjust the hat and googles, willing them to like each other, but goggles won this round and unfortunately my hat was sidelined. And to add to insult they also left some impressive ring marks which made for a fetching look whilst food shopping afterwards. Moaning aside, this swim actually felt ok…like my arms and legs are finally giving into the fact that they need to propel me forwards for a mile. I’ve definitely work to do in improving my swimming technique (my legs tend to sink) so next steps will practicing with a float and to get those legs kicking high!image

3 Comments to I love hats

  • Rachel says:

    Well done on the swim. Make sure the hat isn’t inside the goggles as this will cause leakage. Your hat is low near your eyes in the picture. Alternatively, try putting on your goggles first then hat afterwards, however, this makes goggles tricky to adjust mid swim if they get foggy. Good luck!

  • Jo says:

    Looking good, Kate!! Glad the swim went well

  • Rebecca says:

    Loving the green!

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