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It’s so much more than swimming 

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With seven weeks under my belt I’m beginning to realise This Girl Can Swim is not just about the swimming. Success isn’t going to be developing the body of an athlete, it’s about having the mindset of an athlete. It’s self-belief that’s going to get me to the finish line, not honed deltoids.

Last week’s blog got me thinking about body image. Posting that photo of me was a big step – I’m normally the one holding the camera, or strategically positioning myself behind various objects – whiteboard, baby, that kind of thing. I wasn’t sure, I changed it a couple of times, asked my husband what he thought and eventually did it.

I do look at the picture and cringe, but whether I like it or not it’s me, it’s how I look. Yes, I’d like to have lost that baby weight and the photo to be of me dangling my lithe calves into the Thames, as opposed to my sturdy legs. I’m learning nothing is going to improve if I just sit on the sidelines worrying how I look. It’s a new experience to be doing things regardless and actually finding it quite liberating…..

….That being said, I still need to work up to the wetsuit, I keep putting it off – ringing up a shop and confessing you’re short, fat, far too well endowed and would like to buy/hire a wetsuit doesn’t feature on my wish list of top ten things to do. But needs must and my online research has confirmed I don’t have an off the peg body. Ok, they do wetsuits to accommodate my weight….the stumbling block being I just need to be four inches taller. Having watched the European Championship Swimming this evening and the discussion on budgie smugglers I now know why there are no loose fit wetsuits, it’s all about the drag which would see me still doing my mile while everyone else is on the Club to Pub on the 23rd.

To give me that extra push I figure it’s time to truly adopt the “This Girl Can” mantra, never more pertinent than when applied to the task of trying on wetsuits.

 “Active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets”.

In the meantime I’m off to my first ever Clubbercise class – will I go red, dance badly and look an utter pillock? – you bet and I can’t wait. Would I have done this seven weeks ago, I doubt it. Which has to be a result.

P.S. In the featured image, I’m on the right ;0)

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  • Melinda says:

    Honestly, Katy, I don’t know more women who are more beautiful than you are both inside and outside. I know you will swim to the finish and you will look fantastic!

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