Sea swim

Oh I do like to be beside the sea.

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This week I went on holiday to Lesvos, Greece and spent the week happily on-in-and-under the water (the under bit was an accidental sailing maneuver). Mid-week there was a chance to take part in a group swim out to to a rock and back. A distance of 2.5 km with safety cover, I thought it would be the best opportunity I’d get to do straight line swimming before Henley and if I didn’t like it there was always a boat ride back!

Swim distance

Swim route

The water was crystal clear and not too chilly, the wind hadn’t yet built up so the water was lovely and flat. I really enjoyed the swim and found the distance manageable by taking it steady, however I didn’t like being able to see the sea bed.

'Things' in the water

‘Things’ in the water

Turns out I’m more of a wuss than I thought! I don’t like swimming in a lake because it’s murky and I can’t see the devils snare waiting to get me. But I don’t like swimming in the sea either because it’s deep and the Kraken might get me. The solution to both of these problems so far has been to shut my eyes, for the majority of the sea swim I had my eyes firmly closed (as you can see in the top photo). It made sighting more tricky obviously but my course would have been perfect if the intended destination was Turkey!

Turkey here we come!

Turkey here we come!

On an unrelated note – tourism in Lesvos has dropped 85% in the past 3 years because people are worried about refugees, it is not an issue, please visit, they are struggling and it is a beautiful, friendly place.

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