Soft play is training right?

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Last Thursday the weather was so glum that any outside activities would’ve resulted in two grumpy girls (and one grumpy mum), so in a hasty decision I set off to a nearby soft play with the expectation that the girls could run around with carefree abandonment and I could have a coffee and do some wetsuit research. How wrong I was. For nearly 4 hours I climbed padded stairs, waded through ball pools, hoisted the girls up on swings and slid down slides that were way to small for me. Happy children, knackered mummy! Joking aside, a massive reason for signing up to this was because I want the girls to see that their mum is active, that she can join in and have the energy for their games. I’ve memories of growing up playing tennis with my mum, getting lost on family walks and seeing her windsurfing on holidays (badly). I would never have thought that important as a child, she was just joining in right? But as a relatively newish mum (eldest has just turned 4), it’s fast dawning on me just how much get up and go is required! Last weeks swimming sessions went fairly well, but they did throw up a problem that I know I’ll face big time when actually racing – lots of other people swimming next to me! Splashing water, clashing hands and an oh so British dilemma of ‘If I’m swimming faster than the person ahead, shall I swim past them or will that seem rude?’ (Pretty sure more people will be passing me on race day). The feeling of claustrophobia when being in open water is something that really concerns me. Guess the only way to overcome this will be to get myself into that (cold) water!

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  • Juliette says:

    The beginning of the Henley Mile is slightly hectic – getting in off the pontoon swimming away from the finish towards the start (totally counter intuitive) but once you start you will easily be able to swim alone. I was pretty much at the back and on the day could not have cared less, I knew I could swim a mile and just did it albeit it rather slowly!!! You’ll be ace.

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