Swim Squad

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So, last week, I found myself at a swim squad. I never ever thought that I of all people would be at a swim squad. I used to shudder just going to my local pool and seeing on the whiteboard the left over details of the previous swim sessions putting them through their paces.


It all came about as where I swim there was a poster for help with swimming– which I definitely need, and also it said help with outdoor swimming which I definitely definitely will need so I tentatively gave them a call thinking that it would be a good move; I would have ticked a box in my head of ‘find someone to help me get better at swimming’ whilst they would have politely told me that it was only for real swimmers.


What I wasn’t expecting was a really warm and friendly welcome by Ali on the phone who listened to what I needed and what my limits were and said to come along to one of their evening swim squads. I cannot tell you how petrified I was when I got there, saw equipment on the side of the pool and Ali writing up the session on a white board I nearly turned around and got changed again! However, Ali caught my eye and was so friendly that I thought I’d just try it.


I can’t believe I’m going to say these words… but I actually enjoyed it! I really did.   I swam much further than I would have on my own, I met some really lovely people (all wearing hats and goggles so I’m really struggling to remember who everyone is) and I didn’t feel that I was holding anyone up at all and just did what I felt comfortable doing. I came home beaming that I’d actually done something I never thought I would do, especially at my age.


I actually feel , dare I say it, like a swimmer! Thank you Ali!


Ps. This picture is from my second week. Looks terrifying doesn’t it! It’s also written in a different language… I might understand it all one day.


Pps… I didn’t actually swim all that but I’m chuffed with what I did manage.



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