Buoyant and becalmed

Taking the plunge

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After the glorious weather we had earlier on this month I decided to brave my first open water swim. I’m fortunate to have a lovely designated venue close by ‘Race Hub’ with rescue craft and changing rooms. There were 76 people swimming that evening and when I said I had not visited before the swim supervisor was really helpful with lots of jovial encouragement along the lines of “you’re not getting out yet, swim further!” The temperature was about 13 degrees. But it felt ok, a chill trickle came in the zip at the back of my wetsuit and once that water had warmed up it felt very comfortable. Expecting to feel very cold I had neoprene boots and gloves on but these made it difficult to swim and it was plenty warm enough to take them off. As I waded back into the water with bare feet I could feel weed between my toes which I wasn’t at all sure about so I began to swim as soon as the water was deep enough.

Buoyant and becalmed

Buoyant and enjoying the water

The wetsuit was buoyant but also felt very restrictive in comparison to a normal swimming costume, especially when trying to do crawl arms but I’m hoping that will get easier with time. I managed to swim round the marker buoys with my head out the water and then had an attempt at freestyle (crawl). Because I had been energetically treading water the silt was stirred up and the visibility very poor, this initially caused a bit of panic (where’s the surface?!) but I worked out that if I shut my eyes every time my head was under water then I could kid myself that it was lovely and clear! There is a lot to work on this evening, learning to breathe out under water and open my eyes will be a good start and then maybe I can attempt the full swim round the lake. Just need a bit of pond weed to chase me so I swim faster!


And here's my chickens. If I'm ever stressed, half an hour with these girlies does the trick

And here’s my chickens. If I’m ever stressed, half an hour with these girlies does the trick

It’s been quiet on the blog front with working away for 2 weeks. I only managed to fit in one small ‘swim’ in the busiest pool I have ever seen. If I was following the schedule I’d be well behind but from the start I just had the approach to swim as often as I could feasibly achieve and not get too stressed by weeks where I can’t train.


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