The good news is my maternity swimsuit fits…

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To say the first week of training is over is really to say I’ve been acclimatising, which in itself may be over egging the athleticism involved. It really meant finding my way around the pool – you know the kind of thing, where the changing rooms are, is it £1 for the locker? Do you have to pay for the showers? What time are general swim sessions?….. and so the list goes on. But eventually I did make it into the pool.

Naively I thought 10:30 on a Saturday morning would be a good time to swim, seemingly I wasn’t the only with that thought, so mid-week I switched to evening swims. Now one thing that may become apparent over the coming weeks is that I like my early nights. With a 9 month old daughter I grab sleep when I can and come 8pm I’m often in my pyjamas. So the prospect of going swimming at 8:30pm wasn’t I have to say hugely appealing.

The week’s other challenge has been how to rock the athletic look (a kind of “look like an athlete, become an athlete” mantra), but I think I slightly misjudged it – in my head I looked athletic, but in reality I think I probably looked more like a middle-aged, overweight woman with mum hair and baby dribble on her sweatshirt. Still, we all look the same when we’re in the water, right? Well, ok we totally do not, but I won’t dwell on that. I’ll have my glasses off anyway so won’t be able to see anyone looking! I know there’s been that whole debacle about mums turning up at the school gates in their pyjamas, but I seriously contemplated if there was any way I could change into my pyjamas post swim (sadly it seems this is a privileged just afforded to the under 10s). I wonder if I could find a pair of pyjamas that could pass as athletic wear to put on after my swim.

As far as this week’s actual swimming went I managed a total of 2000 metres over 3 sessions, benefiting on one occasion from an unwitting pacer who really helped me push myself, it felt good.

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