The Nanna with a fitness tracker

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The big news for me this week was the birth of my first grandchild. Keeping fit so that I can be fun to play with as little April grows up is one of the aims of this swimming challenge. When I was a child, my Nanna was an old lady, and when my children were born my own mother was happily settled into middle age, but I am not having any of that. This Nanna still wants a few more adventures and challenges before she imagereaches for her slippers. I did skip my Friday swim to go and baby worship, but was back at the pool the next day, focused on the laps.

I wear a fitness tracker. I am one of those people. My Speedo Misfit Shine is designed to be worn in the pool and count lengths but like all trackers is not wildly accurate, It is worn on the wrist, so does not register kick only or single arm drills as activity at all. The lap counting works by accelerometer, registering your sudden change of direction at each end, so if you take a breather, or pause to let someone faster go through, that length is not counted. It is a pretty silver disc, with no numerical information on it, so you only find out your total distance swum after you get out of the pool and check the app on your phone. Annoying if you have lost count and only realise you were two lengths short of the day’s goal after you are dry and dressed! It is, however, more attractive than a clunky waterproof stopwatch. Image, after all, is important too. (You can see it on my wrist in this photo of me in Nanna mode) So at the end of my hour in the pool, I take the number of lengths I think I did and the number the tracker thinks I did and average them out!

My kit bag seems to be getting lighter, and not just because I am getting stronger. Last month my hand paddles went missing from my kit bag at some point. Searched the car, the bag, the house, gone! Very mysterious. On Saturday my pull buoy disappeared from the poolside while I was training. So either there is a kleptomaniac collecting swim kit at the pool or somebody absent minded is piling up a load of my stuff “by mistake”. From now on I will label everything with Large Black Letters on Both Sides. imageThere was a nice pair of goggles left behind in my changing cubicle as I finished the session and I was tempted, just for a moment, to cover my losses. Had no idea this adventure was going to present me with moral dilemmas!  My new paddles are very bright and therefore difficult to lose. Hopefully.



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