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Right then over four weeks since I last blogged – poor show even by my standards… The other members of the ‘Bimble’ are forging ahead with words of wisdom and whitty repartee and I am languishing in the shadows.

Much has happened – I met the other ladies now known at the ‘Bimble’ at Henley and it was a really high point of the whole adventure. Brilliant, different, supportive women who are not there to judge but salute each other and I loved it and came home elated.

I bought a wetsuit and went open water swimming in the Lavender Patch in Hilton and all was well. I was slightly freaked out by the fact that I could not see the bottom but managed a stately 500 meters.

A few days later work went stratospheric for 4 weeks and life as I knew it stopped 10 to 12 hour days my children first into school and last out – training for the Henley Mile was scant to say the least and I was pretty close to bailing –

HOWEVER 6 other brilliant women (the bimble, Leanne and Katia) all kept me going either by reading their blogs, facebook and tweets. Last Sunday at 7pm with my daughter counting lengths I swam a mile in the pool – not something I was remotely close to achieveing 14 weeks ago when I first got the e-mail to say I had won a place.

The model student I am NOT but in 12 days time come hell or even high water (hopefully not) I will swim the Henley Mile – wish me luck…..

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