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The swim log and the hat

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Since the first week of April I have been keeping a swimming log, and so far have managed to get to the pool for three sessions each week, two sessions of drills and sets and one non-stop distance session. The Plan For April is to concentrate on technique and on breathing. Right hand breathing no problem, left hand side doesn’t work so well, so practice practice practice.FullSizeRender (3)


Also the Hat Issue needs addressing. I have a huge head and in the past have found that a swim hat just gradually works its way up past my ears and can pop off, usually mid length, taking the goggles with it. Do I incorporate a discreet tug at the hat in my swim technique? Look for bigger hat? Wear two hats at once? (This last a serious suggestion from one of the Senior Girls at the Swimming Club).


I have been meeting some lovely people online since I started this journey. Firstly of course the other ‘Girls who Can’, and our contacts at TGC, but some other inspirational swimmers too. Since tweeting @ the Surrey Sports Park that I was training there, I have acquired some new followers who are doing their own training for various events this year. Some newbies like us, interested in our progress and one young man, Simon Kelly, training for the GB triathlon qualifiers. This is his photo of the SSP pool very, very, early one morning when the endurance swimmers had the place to themselves. By the time I get there, the boom is in place dividing the pool into two 25m areas, and every lane is busy, so it was nice to see it looking so inviting.

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The Guildford Lido opens on Saturday 30th for brave open air swimmers, and last Thursday I went off to buy my season ticket. Now I turned 60 last year, so I am officially old (not good news) and therefore qualify for a discount on pool entry (excellent news), so pay only £75 for a whole season which I think is an absolute bargain. Skipped home happily with my discounted Old Lady pass. Roll on the 30th!

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