Time to get back on track

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It’s been two weeks since my last blog post. Not very successful ones, to be honest – at least I had hoped to accomplish more than what I have done. Being away on a business trip for a week and having a travel vaccination doesn’t promise great training sessions ahead but I still believed I could make something out of it. Unfortunately it was over two weeks between my previous swimming session and yesterday’s attempt to catch up on the training.

And indeed yesterday was a hard work – not that I thought I would breeze through it but it felt like I haven’t done anything for months! Feeling a little deflated, I thought I needed some exercise to make up for the lack of recent training during the previous weeks and decided to go for a walk. Nothing too strenuous, just to see how well I can do without much training. After walking for 15km (quite quickly), I was happy to get back home and to put my sore feet up.

Today, still feeling very tired, I’ve decided I needed to try to do something about it and so booked myself for a massage – to give me some energy and help me get moving again. It feels like it’s worked – thank goodness.

This may sound like a disastrous 2 weeks of training, but there have been some good things too. My right hand has been improving slowly, it’s not as painful to tie my shoelaces and button up my shirts anymore and also I’ve found a personal trainer who’s going to help me get ready for the Henley Mile and improve my overall level of fitness (which I desperately need). He will clearly have a difficult job to do, but with the right level of exercise and a combination of swimming, resistance training and cardio sessions I should improve quickly.

I’ve also begun to look at my general diet to make sure I have enough energy for the training. I used to make meal plans in the past but it is sometimes not easy to stick to them. I can get quite bad eating things I like which are really not good for me – sweets, muffins, buns – anything that gives you quick energy when you feel tired but oh my the amount of calories I eat on those occasions – it would be enough for an athlete during the competition season! I’ve learnt that writing down everything I eat and drink and having to show it to the personal trainer is a good thing, I feel a sense of obligation and accountability, as I want to prove I can stick to the healthy meals – it does take some willpower though!

All in all, I should be able to have a much better week and get back on track…

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