Training commences – a long way to go

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Blogging begins along with my training!  Having been away over the school Easter holidays, today was my first session in the pool.  As per my bio, whilst I can swim, within the swimming fraternity I would classify myself as a ‘non-swimmer’.  I didn’t swim with a club when I was younger, and going to the pool wouldn’t be my first, or even second choice of exercise under normal circumstances. This is true despite, or perhaps because, my whole family are excellent swimmers.  I have spent and still do spend an inordinate amount of time at various swimming pools, without ever getting wet!


That changed today. Off I trot with husband (otherwise now known as my personal swim coach) to our very lovely local 50m pool.  Husband says I need to do 30 x 50s off 1:10.  I laugh and ask him to repeat in English, and he explains I have to swim 30 lengths(!!!), and assuming I swim a length in about 60 seconds(???), I’ll then have 10 seconds rest before I head off on my next length.  I laugh and say that I doubt I’d even swim a length in 1:10.  Husband is confident, however, so I am too.


First length goes well, I do it easily in 60 seconds – hurrah!  Second length not so much.  We change tactics to “going off 1:15” (get me!).  I proceed with my lengths ‘off 1:15’.  All is fine, except the fact that I am pretty terrible at swimming.  I watch my daughter swim so frequently, and she seems to glide along, length after length, breathing and swimming, and it all looks so effortless.  I am in awe of all you swimmers because it’s really hard!  I was fine if I just tried to think about where my hands entered the water, or looking down, or pushing my chest down to try and lift my legs, or trying to catch the water, or doing a full stroke, or lifting my elbow above the water to help get my arms forward, or not crashing into the lane rope, or engaging my core.  I mean ONE of those things is sort of alright, but ALL of them??!!  Oh, and you have to remember to breath.  Yep.  You have to physically work really hard and try and remember loads of stuff, and get puffed out – with your face in the water!?!  Who’s bright idea was that?  And this is fairly clean swimming pool water.  I drank quite a lot of it.  I really don’t fancy glugging the Thames!


So my 1:10s and 1:15s were soon forgotten and I tried my best to remember to breath and do at least one other thing for every length.  I managed it sometimes and sometimes not, but I swam my 30 lengths and was jolly proud of myself – my first mile!


I can only get better and I enjoyed it so much, I’m really looking forward to doing it again.  Husband is looking forward to sculling, slowly, behind me for an hour again too – maybe.  Onwards and upwards I say, or perhaps more onwards and alongwards, in a graceful and effortless fashion.  Well a girl can dream!

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