Two Strokes Forward-Two Strokes Back! This Girl Can…Not Be Bothered! Oops!

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Two strokes forward – Two strokes back!

I took up swimming back in February of this year, my main motivation – Megan, but I hoped it would provide some health benefits for me as well. About a year ago, juggling a full-time job in Mental Health, and the ups and downs of family life, I reached a point in my life, when I had to make a change. Stress had impacted heavily on both my mental and physical well being. I was fortunate to be able to take a career break, and thought this would be the answer to all my problems. Unfortunately, I think because I stopped, my body went into meltdown and I now have a list of health problems as long as my arm! The most recent one is Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I have gone from doing things at 100mph to now struggling to get out of 1st gear! A change in medication has resulted in some nasty side-effects and triggered a flare, so I have been unable to swim the last two weeks. What is different this time has been my mindset, I have been able to see this as just a setback, I know I will get back into the pool. Rather than focusing on the downside of resting up, I have spent my time researching wetsuits(still not found one with a motor in!), local lakes, and lots of photos of how far we are going to be swimming! I can’t wait to get back to the pool, it’s hard work, and most of the time if I’m honest, I don’t know if I enjoy it.  Once I am out though, my body feels so much better, painful joints are not quite as sore, and it literally feels as though someone has picked my brain up off the floor and put it back in my head. So, fingers crossed, I can get back in the pool this week, worst case scenario and I can’t, I’m sure the outdoor Jacuzzi at the health club is classed as training, right?


This girl can…not be bothered! Oops! 

Instead of swimming, I have been watching a new series on Netflix. But considering it has been two weeks, and I have been going to school, I am already on series five! Now that is talent! I blame mum and her health problems! I can’t go swimming without her it would be weird now! She is my swimming buddy! I know this is no excuse but I am really clutching at straws to help me feel a teeny, tiny bit better. After my exam the other week, I needed a break but I think I have been putting off swimming for too long now. It is time to get back in gear and get to training- starting tomorrow, with or without mum. So, this week I am saying to hell with my revision! Swimming is way more fun! Don’t tell mum I said that, she would not be happy!

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