We can do that!

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The This Girl Can Girls 2017 have been getting to know one another via a closed group on Facebook. Having this has been helpful, as it’s been a place where we have all been able to write about our anxieties, concerns and more importantly progress! There is a bond that has started to grow and a sense that we are sharing a journey as a group, one that we are very fortunate to experience.

On Bank Holiday Sunday, some of us met up and walked the course. I think we were all slightly anxious about it, but once we got to the river bank, and saw how beautiful the area is, some of the anxiety started to slip away. We were with Juliette and Katia from The Henley Swim, who didn’t laugh at any of our concerns, and patiently explained everything about the day to us. The afternoon for me was important. When I’m in the pool, being able to swim a mile seems near on impossible, but as we stood on what would be the starting point and looked down river to what would be the finishing point, I think we all were slightly excited! It didn’t look too bad! More importantly it looked achievable! With around six weeks of training left, I have begun to really look forward to the swim, and can’t wait to enjoy the day with my new friends!

Megan is in the middle of her GCSEs, revising rather than blogging. Still managing to get in the pool and swim though!


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