Well off schedule…

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So at some point it was going to happen, I’ve gone well and truly off schedule. After a tummy bug last week which took me not only away from the pool but work too I am behind with my swimming schedule – initial thoughts arghhhh and to give up which is traditionally what I do in these situations but weirdly being part of a team albeit one I’ve yet to meet and having the fast looming goal of 10th July means that I have not given up… Week 9 building schedule off we go.

It is less daunting than I imagined that other ladies in this elite squad of 5 are in the open water, using floats and all sorts of exciting things and I am still slogging up and down in snatched moments between work but (yes another major lightbulb moment) it’s not a race between us all, its about me and what I can do with the support of some fierce (in the modern sense of the word rather than scary) women who are all up for this brilliant but somewhat scary challenge too.

I have taken the lead of one of my lovely co swimmers and upped the anti on my swimming cozzie – please see below. No more lurking inthe shadows n black it’s loud and proud from now on AND I’ve finally found my goggles so can return my daughters to her swim bag…..



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